Scanning Technology

1. High-Resolution Scanning

We provide state-of-the-art, ultra-high resolution scanning between 600 dpi and 14000 dpi.

2. Fastest in the World

No-contact scanning at 600 dpi (width=30 cm) of a 1 m long object takes 30 seconds.

3. Ease of Transport

Our scanners are compact when disassembled, and can easily be transported to scanning sites.

4. Faithful Color Reproduction

Thorough calibration steps eliminate the need for post-scanning color manipulations of primary data.
More color information can be obtained by scanning at a high resolution, further enhancing color reproducibility.

5. Diffuse Reflection Control

Uniform illumination of highly reflective, mirror-like surfaces such as gold foil avoids washed-out colors and background reflections.

Images are free of washed-out areas and contain more accurate color information.

6. Multiple Scanning Modes

In addition to RGB and infra-red, multispectral scanning with bandpass filters and scanning
with a polarizing filter make our scanners an instrument for scientific investigation.