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Scanners for Cultural Proparties, Glass Plate Scanner, Film Scanner

Sabia Art Scanner
-Scanners for Cultural Proparties –

Sabia Art Scanner system can control automatically movement of electric stage, moving the camera up and down for focus, and move in scan direction.  A camera module for scanning with ultra-high resolution exceeding 1000 dpi is installed, and it is possible to add an electric filter for multispectral scanning and a dual camera capable of simultaneous shooting of visible (RGB) and near infrared light.

◀︎  LIAM-S, the standard scanner, is a 2axis movable type scanner which can automatically control the upward and downward movements of the camera module and the movement in the scanning direction.

◀︎ LIAM-V, the standing scanner, is suitable for scanning while keeping objects standing and for mural painting. It is a 2axis movable scanner that can control movement in the scanning direction.

▼ LIAM-F, the fully automatic scanner, is a scanner that can be used completely in automatic scanning mode. It is possible to fully control the electric stage, the vertical movement of the camera, and the movement in the scanning direction.

 ◀︎  LIAM-H, the hybrid scanner, is a hybrid type scanner that can be both vertical and horizontal. (Image is dual camera mode, horizontal pattern)

◀︎  LIAM-X, the extensible scanner, is a scanner that can be extended according to the size of the object. It is suitable for large objects such as large maps, carpets and artwork.

Objects exsample
the standard scanner Paintings, Hanging scrolls, Fusuma pictures, Folding screens, Maps, etc.
the fully automatic scanner Painting, Maps, Posters, etc.
the standing scanner Paintings, Wall paintings, Statues, etc.
the hybrid scanner Paintings, Hanging scrolls, Fusuma pictures, Folding screens, Maps, Wall paintings, Statues, etc.
the extensible scanner Large maps, carpets, artwork, etc.


Glass Plate Scanner :LIAM-GPS Series

LIAM-GPS series scanners are designed specifically for transmission-scanning of glass dry plates. These feature a stage for transmission-scanning of glass dry plates and a camera module for ultra-high resolution scanning (8000 dpi max.).

Glass Prate (3.2 inch x 4.2 inch) that scanned by 5000dpi and enlarged view.


Film Scanner:LIAM-RFS

LIAM-RFS series scanners are designed specifically for scanning of motion picture films. These scanners have reels and a stage for mounting film rolls and advancing frames as they are scanned. In addition, a camera module for scanning at ultra-high resolutions (14000 dpi max.) is included.


3D Scanners

3D Scanner series are for capturing three-dimensional objects such as sculptures.


About system and software development

Our proprietary software for image archiving and high-speed display can be used for research, exhibition, or publication on the web. We also offer digital display systems that support 4K and Full HD.

Archibing System
We build Data Base that’s for search, view, inspection. and print for safe.
We can check the image zoom in out, scroll freely.
We customize input colum depends on the necessity.

▷ Viewing and Distribution System
It is a contents managerial system at the time of opening to the public in a show, a network, etc.

1.  Web distribution system
This system is digital archive system for web site. It could show dynamic and smoothly for zoom in and out.

2.  Digital viewing system
It is a highly minute display system of a digital show. It attaces management of the picture to exhibit, safe controlling function of loading of an anti-copying function. iPad or any tablet, in inside of a hall, etc. csn perform distribution to.

▷ Software which supports the surveillance study of the cultural assets using a scanning image.
The display system for multiple-spectrum images and infrared (IR) images.
Take advantage of the multi-spectral image captured “Pigment estimation system”.