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The images captured here are all from works from the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City.


Sabia digitized Roerich’s artwork in 2015 on location at the museum named after him, which holds his entire oeuvre. We scanned the entire collection (about 250 items) using two scanners over a period of two weeks.


Since the depth of field is extremely shallow when capturing high resolution images at 1000 dpi, making it difficult to focus when the canvas is bent, we had to devise ways to scan the artwork vertically.



About Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) was a Russian-born painter, explorer, archaeologist, theologian and artist. He was also involved in the stage design of Stravinsky’s "The Rite of Spring."  In his later years, he traveled the world, later passing away in Europe. He is additionally famous for being one of the makers of the Roerich Treaty (which later became known as the Washington Treaty), whose objective was the preservation of cultural properties during wartime.


Influenced by esoteric Tibetan Buddhism, Roerich’ works, painted with tempera (a mixture of pigment and egg yolks) mystically explore themes such as the beauty of nature and the origins of myths. He often used the color blue in his works, and one hue of blue has since become known as “Roerich Blue.”



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